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RE: [Rollei] OT: Rollei SUV

At 11:37 26.06.00 -0400, you wrote:
>I hate SUV's because I think that their headlights are too high up.

Well, you need an automatically dimming rear mirror.


>  When I
>drive my small honda car around I constantly get their headlight directly
>thru my back window. What the hell were the designers thinking? I think that
>the headlights of all vehicles should he at the same height. Secondly, I
>feel that most SUV drivers are knuckleheads(flame suit on) and dont ever
>take their SUV's off road. I bet I can take my trusty( and rusty) narrow and
>light suzuki samurai up trails that will leave most heavy and wide SUV's
>bogged down.
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>From: Bob Shell [mailto:bob  ]
>Sent: Monday, June 26, 2000 11:16 AM
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>Subject: Re: [Rollei] OT: Rollei SUV
>Have you ever driven up a fire trail in the Virginia mountains in a
>snowstorm?  You won't make it in a 2WD anything!
>I got my first Toyota Land Cruiser, a 62 model, in the late 60s.
>Bought it
>from Arthur Godfrey (older list members will know who he was), who had
>it on his Virginia farm for some time.  At the time I bought it I was
>for a TV station as a transmitter engineer and had to be able to go up
>down Poor Mountain (Marc knows where that is) every day no matter what
>weather was.  I ferried other people up and down the mountain who had
>leave their cars behind at the bottom.
>The people who wreck SUVs are those who don't know how to drive
>anything, much
>less a four-wheeler.  Automatic transmissions and their lack of real
>contribute to these accidents. Automatic transmissions on SUVs are an
>abomination and should be banned.  They give the driver a false sense
>BTW, snow up where you are is different from what we get down here.
>If I
>lived where you are I might not have a four-wheeler either.
> >From: Terry Price <camera  >
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> >Subject: Re: [Rollei] OT: Rollei SUV
> >Date: Sat, Jun 24, 2000, 6:59 PM
> >
> >I've lived and worked in the Canadian Arctic, in the Rockies, on the coast
> >of California and now in a small town in Maine and not once have I felt the
> >need for an SUV. My 2 wheel drive car is an old Mercedes with rear wheel
> >drive. I have never even owned a front wheel drive car. I've spent lots of
> >time driving in winter on dirt roads and trails and have always been able
> >to get where I wanted to go. IMHO 4 wheel drive is greatly overrated.