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Re: [Rollei] OT: Rollei SUV

That depends on where you go in NC.  Now, here in Charlotte, dirt is an
anathema to the bankers that drive the Lexus SUV's around...however, I took
a trip up to Black Mountain not too long ago, and there was a steady stream
of vehicles (including my Isuzu Trooper) covered in dust and mud and
anything else we could crawl over...

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Sent: Friday, June 23, 2000 3:23 PM
Subject: RE: [Rollei] OT: Rollei SUV

> The SUV acronym is a misnomer. It should be UAV - Urban Assault Vehicle.
> Here in North Carolina there are hundreds of ultra-macho? vehicles, with
> raised suspensions, ludicrously large wheels, big chrome bull-bars, along
> with the more standard Jeeps, Suburbans, Explorers, Expeditions, etc etc.
> Consumption units are in gallons/mile, not the reciprocal! Enormous
> are just as popular. What I cannot fathom is that I rarely see any of
> vehicles with even a speck of dirt on them. About the furthest off-road
> seem to get is a shopping mall car park.
> Go figure....
> Roy.
> > Trouble is, they endanger the rest of the driving (and
> breathing) public.