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Here are some NEW goodies!!

Rolleiflex MX-- Tessar f3.5.  Has MX-EVS strap hangers with excellent
condition MX-EVS case & strap and mirror folding lens cap.  Includes
plate back set with three film holders. --------$125.

Rollei 35SE-Chrome f2.8 Sonnar-- Mint condition. With zipper pouch,
wrist strap & lens cap.  Batteries are included. --------$350.

Minox Tabletop Tripod & camera holder in leather case. Like new.
- --------$50 

Rollei Bay I Sport Filter--New in Box. --------$15.

Bay I Rollei Color Conversion Filter--New in Box. -------$15.

Gray Leather Case for 4x4 Sunshade. --------$10.

Bay I Light Green Filter (Rollei). --------$15.

Bay I Rolleisoft 0 (Duto) Filter. --------$20

Rollei E15B Flash Unit. -- Perfect Condition. --------$20.

Minolta Flash Meter II-- Like New, with case, cord, battery & manual.
- --------$100. 

Rolleicord 24 Exposure Kit-- New In Box. --------$30.   

Rolleimagic Neck Strap--Mint Condition. This is authentic with Rollei
markings. --------$35.

Rollei 10 Foot Flash Cord--Rollei connectors both ends. 
New. --------$10.

Leitz Projection Elmaron 50mm f2.8 lens and focusing mount for
Leitz/Leica Prado Projectors. --------$40.

Set of three Bay I Rolleinars-1, 2 and 3; newest coated type.  These are
the bottom lenses ONLY, suitable for use with plate back or as a
substitute for older non-coated type in your sets.  In Rollei
cases. --------$50 for all three.

Rolleikin 2 Set--This is the type for Rolleis that have 35mm film
counter already installed.  Complete--like new!! --------$35.

Bay I  Rolleinar 1 and Rolleinar 2 in leather F&H cases--Perfect
condition --------$40 EACH SET or $75 FOR BOTH SETS.

Prices are plus shipping unless we can make a deal for a lot of the

Contact me directly at  <jerryleh  > or at (858) 459-6103 per
Marc's request.

La Jolla,  CA.