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Re: [Rollei] 6008i exposure accuracy

This was my initial conclusion, too....that if the hassy 503cw had a built-in
meter, I probably would have bought it. But since I was living in Japan, service
for hasselblad was no better than that of Rollei. Both brands were considered
exotic and equally difficult to service. Both were virtually impossible to rent
(the only shop that rented charged $100/day for lens and carried both lines, so
there went any rental advantage. It also cost $50 plus a co-signer for the right
to rent anything, and as the shop was a 3 hr round trip by train, I concluded
that it was more cost effective to buy all the lenses I wanted). You wonder why
Hasselblad can't put a meter in the 503..I guess it's because of the backwards
compatibility that really limits the camera's capabilities.

Face it, buying a camera is like buying a car. Nothing is a perfect match. The
only things I can really think of that could improve the 6008i would be to have
a manually-engaged mirror lockup (like in the Contax RTSIII, so it doesn't draw
power and stays up for bracketed shots), and to have a manual film advance crank
and a switch that disables the motor and engages the crank (to save battery
power when used in the field). OTOH, with the 'Blad, they could add matrix/spot
metering and put the film plane in the rear of the body and eliminate those
silly serial number-matched inserts. Oh, and they could fix that jamming problem
so it doesn't jam if you forget to cock it before removing the lens.

- --Jim

> Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 11:41:33 -0700
> From: Ken Niles <kn  >
> Subject: [Rollei] 6008i exposure accuracy


> Brief point:  The camera that I'm looking at is at a pretty good pro
> shop in Bozeman, Montana.  Basically informed people
> who will take time to discuss and demonstrate cameras.  As far as I
> know, they have the only 6008i in Montana (I admit this
> isn't the Rollei capital of the northern hemisphere - nor is anywhere
> else, it seems) and it is a demo.  We tried for a week to
> find out what Rollei would sell it for.  I'm told that Rollei never
> returned calls.  I was just about to give up when the price
> came through.  This type of contact - and responses that others have or
> haven't had - is not reassuring.  I never had this
> problem with Hassy.  I do think the Rollei is a more modern, and in
> several important ways a better camera.  Frankly, if
> Hassy had a built-in meter and a motor I'd snap one up.  (Of course
> there are add ons but they're really klutzy.)  Thanks for
> your thoughts.  Ken