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Re: [Rollei] Relleiflex 2.8C evaluation, lots 'o questions

> 2) When looking at the lens stage (for lack of a better term) it > 
seems canted...etc. 

When I sent my MX to Harry Fleenor last year, it had a similar 
problem, but he said the skirt on the front standard was crooked.  
Of course, it was straight once he was done with CLA on the 
shutter.  Run some film through it to see if you have a focus 
problem (i.e. the viewing screen says it's in focus, but the pictures 

> 3) The highest shutter speed seems to be 1/250s...etc.

You need to give an extra hard push on the shutter-speed dial to 
get to 1/500.  Be sure the shutter is not cocked.
- --
Curtis Croulet
Temecula, California