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[Rollei] Relleiflex 2.8C evaluation, lots 'o questions

I'm new to the list but I thought this questioning would be OK.  My
apologies if the answers to these questions are in a FAQ somewhere -- I
searched and didn't find much.

I've recently purchased a BGN grade 2.8C from KEH.  It arrived today and I'm
impressed: glass is perfect, everything seems to be working correctly
(except for a sticky self-timer), and even the shutter speeds seem to be
correct (the chromes I shot today will tell me for sure...)

Now I need to decide whether I should keep it or not.  I'm hoping you can
help me with the following questions:

1) Should the camera make faint "clicks" when moving the focusing knob past
5' (when moving the lens out) and 6' (when moving in the opposite

2) When looking at the lens stage (for lack of a better term) it seems
canted.  With the camera focused on infinity, the right side of the stage is
flush with the body, but the left side has a small gap (smaller than the
width of a dime).  What sort of effect will this have on focus?

3) The highest shutter speed seems to be 1/250s.  I expected 1/500s -- is
there something I'm missing, or is this the max for a Synchro-Compur

I know these are basic questions, but it's been 4 years since I owned a
Rollei, and that was a 3.5 Tessar Automat.  I'm not as clued-in as I should
be.  <g>

BTW, can anyone tell me its age (701xxx on viewing lens, 3097xxx on Xenotar
lens, and 1260437 on top)?

How easy is it to replace the screen with one of Maxwell's screens?  Anyone
care to sell me a lens hood?

And, finally: I paid $310 for this -- defects include engraving and a
missing lock around the shutter button.  How'd I do?

That's it for now.  <g>  TIA.