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Re: [Rollei] 6008i exposure accuracy


I have owned the Pentax 645N and I agree that the metering system is
extremely accurate.  The only reason that I no longer own the Pentax 645N is
that I couldn't live without interchangeable backs.  I switched to the
Contax 645 and have been extremely happy ever since.

In January I replaced my Hasselblad system with a Rollei 6008i and I have
never regretted a minute of it.     As for the accuracy of the metering
system I have not had a problem with it because I didn't compare it to
anything else.  It is my feeling that every camera reads a little
differently and I test each camera with the films that I use to establish an
ISO rating for each film.   I do know that I can shoot Ilford Delta 400 at
ISO 400 with my Contax but I must use 320 with the Rollei.   The density
reading consistently come out the same.  As long as I know that in advance I
really don't care how it reads.   Also, I usually bracket my shots as well.

I seldom use my Rollei off a tripod and I seldom use my Contax 645 on a
tripod.  The basic reason is the negative size and shape.  I have gone back
and looked at negatives taken with my Pentax and those taken with the Rollei
and I do prefer the Rollei negs.  There appears to be more contrast and I
like the out of focus (bokeh) objects better with the Rollei.  I use
Schneider lenses only on the Rollei.

I would have a difficult time comparing a 645 with a 6x6 negative/camera.
However, that's me and my idiosynchrocies.  Frankly, I need both.   The
Rollei 6008 is, in my opinion, the best value in medium format cameras.  If
my memory is correct I paid $4400 for a camera, 80mm lense, two batteries,
charger, auto charger cord and two backs.    I have been extremely pleased
with the operation and stability of the camera.  It is probably one of the
best kept secrets in the industry.

Whatever decision that you make I hope you are pleased.

Bob Bedwell

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Subject: [Rollei] 6008i exposure accuracy

> Hi!  I'd appreciate feedback on the following.
> I was down to buying a 6008i, only to complete exposure tests before
> handing over the
> money.
> My goal was to test the Rollei on full auto exposure.  Not being
> familiar enough with the
> camera I left setup to a knowledgeable pro.  The brief test consisted of
> running a roll of color
> reversal through the Rollei and my Pentax 645n.  I've been shooting for
> 40 years and the n
> has been one of the best cameras I've ever worked with (and that
> includes the F5, F100,
> hassy, etc.).  The matrix exposure system is superb.  So before I bought
> the Rollei I wanted to
> compare it to the Pentax.
> We exposed a roll in a city and neighborhood location, trying as
> carefully as possible to
> match shots.  The Pentax was dead on for 11 of the 12 comparative shots
> (and only about 1/3
> stop off on the one it "missed") while the Rollei was at least 1/2 to a
> full stop off on most
> frames.  In one case it was estimated to be 2 stops off.  It bettered
> the Pentax on only one
> frame (the one that was about a 1/3rd off).
> The results of my brief test were a big surprise not only to me but to
> the pro shop that I deal
> with.  We checked settings on the Rollei once again and, apparently, all
> was in order.
> The preliminary conclusion was that the matrix system in the Pentax
> represented a better type
> of exposure system than the non-matrix programmed AE system found in the
> Rollei.  It
> should be noted that my experience with matrix-type systems has been
> very positive, none
> more so than with the F5, F100 and 645n.
> Granted, it is likely that collective individual spot readings taken by
> the Rollei would be very
> accurate.  However used on the AE settings it was a bust.  (I am working
> on a project that
> usually won't permit the time needed to take individual spot readings.)
> Perhaps this particular camera needed to be "recalibrated."  Has anyone
> else had problems
> like this?  Obviously, the Rollei is expensive; I'd hate to invest this
> much in a camera that's
> going to be erratic in the auto exposure (or any other) department.
> I'd appreciate any comments.
> Thanks.  Ken Niles
> PS: I heard that Samys in LA is no longer going to sell or rent Rollei
> equipment.  Is this true?