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[Rollei] Oh, no, not Planar vs. Xenotar!

John Kennerdell, writing in the May/June '97 issue of PhotoTechniques
Magazine, in a article entitled "What is 'Bokeh'?" stated:
	Rollei TLR users have debated the relative merits of the 80mm  f/2.8
Zeiss Planar and the 80mm f/2.8 Schneider Xenotar lenses on their
cameras for years.  Generally they come to the conclusion that both are
outstanding and produce indistinguishable results.  A bokeh specialist
might politely disagree, saying that the Xenotar tends to slightly
elongate out-of-focus highlights.  A small difference, and not one that
makes either lens "better" than the other, but the point is that even
lenses that render sharp images identically will usually reveal
themselves in the out-of-focus areas.
	Can anyone on the list, from actual experience, confirm or contest this