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Re: [Rollei] Rollei T

At 09:01 PM 6/19/2000 +0200, Jan Böttcher wrote:
>PS: I'm curious, judging from the book there should be many Ts in grey, and
>less in black, and only very few black ones with a "white face" or a Xenar
>Does anybody own a grey one with a Xenar?
>Or a black one without white face but with Xenar?

I have to update this by reviewing it with Prochnow in my hand, but, to my
present knowledge:

type 1:  s/n 2,100,000 to 2,199,999, 12th August 1958 to 1966.
Synchro-Compur shutter with MXV (M=flashbulb, X=electronic, V=self-timer).
Black plastic arms for aperture and speed.  Most are grey.  99,000.

type 2, version 1:  s/n 2,220,000 to 2,228,999, 11th November 1966 to July
1968.  Synchro-Compur X shutter with X synch only.  Metal arms for aperture
and speed.  Most are black. 9,000 (?).

type 2, version 2:  s/n 2242,000 to 2249999 and 2310000 to 2314999, late
1968 - 1970.  Same features as type 2 save for additon of 220 film counter.
 Most are black. 13,000 (?).

type 3:  s/n 2315000 to 2319999 (?), September 1971 to 1975, and one final
batch from 2320000 to 2320300 produced 1 to 12 May 1976.  Same as  type 3,
save for 'white face' (plain, non-removeable) lens panel.  300 produced
with Tessars for civilian sale, 2,500 with Tessar 
and another 2,500 with Xenar for military use.  About 2,000 of the Xenar
lensed models were released as surplus in 1987.  Almost all, if not all,
are black.

total production:  126,300 or so.  Most common is the grey type 1;  least
common is the Xenar type 3.

So, no, I doubt if a Xenar grey would be common, if ever made, and a
non-'whiteface' Xenar T was never produced.


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