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Re: [Rollei] Rollei T

since your T is going to last, you should pass that 2.8 on to me, to back up
my 35mm SLRs, that do fail every once in a while! (ok, I could use it as a
back up for my T or another camera as well)
PS: I'm curious, judging from the book there should be many Ts in grey, and
less in black, and only very few black ones with a "white face" or a Xenar lens.
Does anybody own a grey one with a Xenar?
Or a black one without white face but with Xenar?

Dave Wyman schrieb:

> "R. J. Bender" <rjbender  > wrote:
> >Most of the T's I see don't appear to have been used much. Perhaps people bought them as back ups
> for their F's and never used them.<
> Then there's my mom - she purchased a 2.8 Planar as a back-up to her Rollei M-X E-V with a 3.5
> Tessar. The latter camera never gave out, and so my mom never enjoyed using her >still< new 2.8
> (complete with virgin pentaprism and matching pentaprism leather cover). She gave me the camera
> about a year ago. Continuing, for now, the family tradition, I've put the 2.8 in my closet to use as
> a back-up to my own, almost indestructible Rolleiflex T.
> Dave
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