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Re: [Rollei] Big Momma/Shutterbug in movies

You know I don't know what the movie was supposed to be.  All they
told us was the title and I have forgotten that.  It was a scene
in which one of the characters flops down in a chair and picks up
a magazine from a table to leaf through.  If we wanted it clearly
seen that it was Shutterbug that the character was looking at it
would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars.  Sorry not to have
more details but this was some time ago.  

Watch movies and you will note that often the product labels are
turned away or they use generic fake labels. If the product logo
is front and center for a second or two you can be sure someone
paid for that exposure.  There are "product placement" agencies
which handle this sort of thing.  I get regular mailings from one
of them which handles similar placement in popular TV shows. If 
we wanted to spend the bucks you would see a photographer looking
at Shutterbug on "Just Shoot Me" or some other series.


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>Hello Bob,
>  Can you tell us something about the scene or the movie? (Just