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Re: [Rollei] polarizer in bayonet I

At 04:25 PM 6/16/2000 -0400, calciua   wrote:
>For Bay 1 the Minolta Autopole is awesome. I wish they made it in Bay 2 and
>3 as well as the concept is great. It is basically two polarizers geared
>together. One sits on the taking lens, and one on the viewing lens. You
>turn the one on the viewing lens until you get the desired effect, then you
>shoot. The gears take care of matching the taking lens polarizer to the
>viewing one. No need to fumble with the bayonet or numbers etched on the

To be fair, this "Autopol" is a relatively late copy of the Zeiss Ikon
Ikopol used on the Ikoflex TLR's, Bestellnummer 337.  Designed before the
War but not introduced until 1947 or thereabouts.  But the 337 Ikopol is
only available in A37 mount, not in any of the Bayonets.


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