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Re: [Rollei] polarizer in bayonet I

For Bay 1 the Minolta Autopole is awesome. I wish they made it in Bay 2 and
3 as well as the concept is great. It is basically two polarizers geared
together. One sits on the taking lens, and one on the viewing lens. You
turn the one on the viewing lens until you get the desired effect, then you
shoot. The gears take care of matching the taking lens polarizer to the
viewing one. No need to fumble with the bayonet or numbers etched on the

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Philippe writes:

|Excuse my ignorance but  where can I find such item?

They come on EBay occasionally.  Try a web search "Minolta Autopole."  I
that Pacific Rim Camera had some for sale.  Watch out that the polarizers
not delaminated, though.

They are quite different than the single Bay 1 polarizers.  I have
posted a couple of pictures on the Leica site that shows somewhat how the
Autopole looks.


Go to "Member's Photos" - then Bill Larsen - then #19 and #20.

Hope that this is helpful,
bill larsen, who needs a decent scanner and some talent
Terra Bella, California