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Re: [Rollei] Rollei 2.8F Planar

Some of the explanations for superior Rollei results are:
1.- solid body with absolute alignment (unless you play football/socker
with the camera)
2.- light baffles in most modern cameras
3.- high quality standards in lens manufacturing (2.8 Tessar not
4.- Coating in most recent lenses
5.- waist level viewer

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Andrei D. Calciu
NEC America, Inc.

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Hello Andrei:

I will test your suggestions.   I also usually carry a bean bag and
sometimes a Bogen monopod.

I am just not accustomed to using my Rolleis off a tripod and find the box
shape a foreign object, especially, when compared to a folding medium
camera like the Fujica or the Super Ikonta.

What I experience continually is that the Zeiss lenses on the Rollei seem
yield superior results.

Best regards,
Roland Smith

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>  Roland, I have several pictures shot on slow film at 1/60 with a Rollei
>  TLR. There are several options to a tripod:
>     neck strap, shortened to working height
>     hand grip (not the pistol kind, but the side-mount type)
>     1/4 screw with hook attached to the bottom of the camera, with a
>     attached. You step on one end of the string, pull up on the camera.
>     Makes one heck of a monopod that fits in a change pocket.
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>     Andrei D. Calciu
>     NEC America, Inc.
>   >>
> I've taken a whole bunch of pictures of church interiors at 1/8 or 1/10
> the rolleiflex using the neck strap to steady the camera--most are
> loupe-sharp and more than good enough for projection.
> JMcFadden