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List Folks:

Several things of merit need attention by us all from time to time:

a)  This is a Rollei List, not a general photography list.  I don't mind an
occasional wandering off-topic, but I would ask that we keep such
diversions to a bare minimum.  If it doesn't involve the care and feeding
of Rollei cameras, I would suggest that the topic be taken up elsewhere.
And, PLEASE!  Every off-topic comment should be so marked in the SUBJECT
block by adding, at the beginning:  OFF-TOPIC so the unwary can be alerted
and read or delete as they wish.

b)  PLEASE change the subject block when a thread grows away from its
original subject matter.  That is, a thread might begin, honestly enough,
marked with a subject heading of OLD STANDARD ROLLEIFLEX LENSES but the
topic might shift, over days, to coverage of modern Xenotar lens design.
When this happens, please have the courtesy to your fellow list members to
change the subject block to:  MODERN XENOTAR LENS DESIGN or somesuch.  The
recent thread on 126 Film is a good example:  this almost immediately
changed to a discussion of APS which was not reflected by a change in the
subject heading.  (And it is off-topic, as well, as it didn't cover a
Rollei-related topic but, rather, was on general photography.  The subject
heading should have been redrafted to something along the lines of

c)  When those taking the digest respond, PLEASE reset the subject block!

d)  Please be careful to trim the quoted text in the message to which you
are replying.  That is, please block-and-cut or whatever your software
requires to reduce the quoted text to the bare minimum necessary to
maintain continuity.  Most of you are already doing this quite nicely, but
it would be best if we all were quite conscientious in doing so!

e)  Should you be out of the loop for a few days, pray, do NOT use an
auto-response message of any sort, or I will simply unsubscribe you!  Such
messages will be replayed, ad nauseam, to the entire list.  Please
unsubscribe if you must for the period you will be gone.

f)  Thankfully, we are a polite and communal lot, so I will only say that
we have never experienced the sort of flaming agonies which occasionally
afflict other lists.  I would like to see this collegial spirit of
good-will and honest debate continue.

g)  Searchable archives are available at:


Marc Small
Rollei List Administrator

msmall    FAX:  +540/343-7315
Cha robh bas fir gun ghras fir!