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Re: [Rollei] Button on baby grey

I have to admit I do have a poor memory, and my Babies are (at least) some 3km
away from me right now, but I have the faint memory, that you have to push
the little button so you can cock the self timer ... in other words it's a safety feature
against unintended self timer activation (if my memory serve well).

Siu Fai Au schrieb:

> No I haven't. The selftimer on my Baby doesn't work well. I think the grease
> in the gears are very sticky and I need to help it a bit to get it to work.
> It is possible to cock the self timer after the shutter is cocked but not
> very smoothly. I have to apply some force to get it work so I haven't tried
> it that often because I don't want to break anything, and probably I am not
> going to use it anyway (the selftimer at least).
> Do you think this button is to prevent cocking the seftimer?
> BTW: The button on the bottom is very loose and can be pushed withou any
> force.
> > -----Original Message-----
> > Have you tried cocking the self timer with and without pushing
> > the little button?
> >
> > Siu Fai Au schrieb:
> >
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > Recently, I bought a Baby Rollei and have figured out most of its
> > > operations. There is still one thing I haven't figured out. At
> > the bottom,
> > > right under the taking lens there is a small push button which I can't
> > > figure out what is suppose to do. First I thought it was to
> > lock the shutter
> > > at B-setting to a sort of T-setting but mine doesn't. Does
> > anybody know the
> > > function of this button?
> > >
> > > Siu Fai
> >