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Slobodan Dimitrov

Gary Toop wrote:

> Hi!  I've been thinking about supplementing or replacing the hand-held
> meter that I have been using with my Rollei TLRs.
> Currently, I use a Luna-Lite - a Gossen SBC-cell meter which requires that
> you twist a dial until the middle diode of three lights up.  It's a very
> solidly-built meter and I have no reason to doubt it's accuracy, but it's
> a little clunky to use and doesn't give you much indication of the range
> of light in a scene, the way a meter with a needle - or some digital
> meters - can.
> I don't really need a flashmeter, so I am rather disinclined to pay
> for a flash with that option - I just want something solid and reliable,
> perhaps a Luna Pro S or SBC, or a Sekonic Digilite 218.  Do any RUGers have
> experience or opinions to share?
> Gary Toop