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Re: [Rollei] Light Meters...

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<<Hi!  I've been thinking about supplementing or replacing the hand-held
meter that I have been using with my Rollei TLRs.  


I don't really need a flashmeter, so I am rather disinclined to pay
for a flash with that option - I just want something solid and reliable,
perhaps a Luna Pro S or SBC, or a Sekonic Digilite 218.  Do any RUGers have
experience or opinions to share?

Gary Toop

I have used a Luna Pro S for many years and have found it very reliable, easy 
to use and compact.  Originally, they were made to be used with the now 
(largely) unavailable 625 1.35 volt mercury battery.  Mine was converted to 
use current silver oxide 1.5 volt 76 batteries.  If you buy a used meter, 
make sure it has this conversion, or that the price you pay allows for this 
additional expense, about $50 (but check!).  New ones, I believe, are already 
so modified.   This meter is equipped with a CDS cell, which takes a bit 
longer to settle under dim light conditions, compared to other photo 
resistors, but I never found it a problem.

There are some other good choices available.  This is mine.

Allen Zak