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Re: [Rollei] Rollei Stereo Camera

Heidoscops and Rolleidoscops come/came in the following flavors:
Baby Heidoscop 4x10.5 cm plates
Baby Rolleidoscop (127 film)
Heidoscop 6x13cm plates or roll film back for "B2" film
Rolleidoscop for "B2" film (the really early ones were made for shorter
  film with smaller take up spools, so for 120 film they had to be "adjusted").

I did use a Heidoscop with a custom made roll film back (will need to adjust
collimation real soon) and a Rolleidoscop with 120 film.
The Heidoscop with the original roll film back hasn't seen the maiden film yet.
Don't know, where to get some fitting plates yet, and don't have a Baby Rolleidoscop.

In comparison to a Sputnik, you will notice, that the exposed area on the
film is bigger (I'd have to take a measurement, but would guesstimate 60x60mm
as opposed to 56x56mm) and the Tessar is a better lens than those Russian triplets.
Furthermore you will notice, that you will take 5 stereo pairs plus a mono pic, as
opposed to six stereo pairs with the Sputnik.

Then there werte some prototypish things (maybe some were war booty?) and the
stereo slide bars. In the 60s/70s people started to rig up Rollei 35s on a bracket,
and at least one crazy person had a stereo camera made from a Rollei 35S and
a half (spare parts).
A little later Rollei offered a special stereo mount and trigger for the SL 2000F.

Jan Decher schrieb:

> Has anyone used the early Rollei Stereo camera (Heidoscope?) with the
> Tessar lenses pictured in some Rollei books?  Does it use 120 Rollfim and
> is the film format 2 1/4 x 2 1/4?
> Jan