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Re: [Rollei] SL 2000F,SL 35 E shutter and related stuff

At 14:40 02.06.00 -0500, you wrote:
>On Fri, 02 Jun 2000 19:21:57 +0200 Dirk-Roger Schmitt wrote:
> > concerning some discussion in which I also took part on the matters of the
> > subject I read half an hour in Prochnow at my local bookstore.
> > 80-200 Zooms: The first 80/200 MC zoom was from Tokina, the second 80/200
> > HFT from Mamiya.
>On Mon, 29 May 2000 12:15:12 +0200 Jan Böttcher wrote:
> > 4/80-200 (MC (Mamiya) and HFT (Tokina))
>   I thought my 4/80-200 Rolleinar MC was made by Mamiya. I once saw a
>4/80-200 Mamiya zoom lens (Mamiya bayonet mount) that looked just like

Well, maybe Prochnow is wrong. I was suprised, too, beacause I thought that 
anyway the first batch was MC and from Mamiya and later batches HFT. But so 
it is writen in his book.

By the way, Randal, you said outside is the Rollei zoom not as nice. Is the 
colour not neutral?