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Re: [Rollei] [Fwd: Zeiss Ikon 2000F]

At 12:15 PM 6/2/2000 -0400, Bob Shell wrote:
>Sure.  None of the people at Zeiss today were around back then, so
>of course they never heard of it.  Ask Cornelius Fleischer to look
>into it.  Last time I talked to him he was having a field day digging
>through old ZI prototypes and shooting photos with them.  

Well, since reunification, there has been some progress on the Zeiss
Archives.  At one point fifteen years or so back, Charlie went to the Zeiss
Museum at Oberkochen and asked the curator about any Zeiss Ikon records he
might have in his collection.  The curator looked puzzled a minute and then
responded, "oh, yes, Zeiss Ikon!  They used to be a customer of ours."

But, now, Zeiss is much more aggressive about establishing the entire
documentary chain of their various corporate interfaces.  Unfortunately,
the East German paperwork at Jena was complete, but in a heck of a mess --
fifty years and more of Socialist Efficiency had ensured that old paperwork
just got thrown, in many cases, into the nearest file cabinet or box or
closet or room.  So, the Zeiss archivists have been SLOWLY sorting through
this mess!

I'm not certain what paperwork would survive at Rollei.  Very little, I
would suspect, as most of it was tossed out during the 1979-81 bankruptcy.
But most of this was taken by employees or former employees, and Prochnow
has tracked much of it down.  (The exact same thing happened five years
later at Leitz, incidentally.)


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