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Re: [Rollei] [Fwd: Zeiss Ikon 2000F]

Sure.  None of the people at Zeiss today were around back then, so
of course they never heard of it.  Ask Cornelius Fleischer to look
into it.  Last time I talked to him he was having a field day digging
through old ZI prototypes and shooting photos with them.  

But if, indeed, they sold everything to Rollei, they may have nothing
today, and what Rollei got from them may be long gone.


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>From: Lisa Dimitrov <sld  >
>To: rollei  us
>Subject: [Rollei] [Fwd: Zeiss Ikon 2000F]
>Date: Fri, Jun 2, 2000, 10:40 AM

>I thought I'd ask our conterparts at the Z-I group about this 2000F Z-I,
>and this was their response. Any comments?
>Slobodan Dimitrov