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RE: [Rollei] Pistol Grip flash attachment

I use a grip that, I'm told by the original owner, was modified by strobonar
so that a metal flash bracket(with grip foam) was added to the front part of
the pistol grip. The bracket was high and foward enough as not to interfere
with the viewing hood and is shaped like a "c" so that the flash sits
directly above the camera. The bracket can be placed on either side of the
grip and rotating hot shoe allowed my METZ hotshoe flash to pivot depending
on the distance of the object. The foam handle on the bracket allows you to
stedy the rig and focus at the same time. The whole unit looks very
professionally made and is very stiff and nice to use although the flash,
bracket, grip, cables and camera combo can tend to get heavy after a while. 

Is this really a strobonar modified thing or did someone make it at home?