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Re: [Rollei] Pistol Grip flash attachment

Steve -

I've never seen one of the official Rollei flash fittings for the pistol
grip, but made my own from a generic piece I found in a local camera
store.  It was an aluminum bar about 1 inch wide, 3/16 thick and 8 inches
long.  It came with a slot in one end to take a thumb screw that would
attach it to the tripod socket on the bottom of a 35mm camera, and had a
cold flash shoe on the other end.  I had to grind a bit off the edges of
the aluminum bar, around the mounting slot, to get it to nestle into the
front of the Rollei pistol grip, and enlarged the slot at one place to take
the large attaching screw that holds it onto the grip (that screw is a
standard 3/8 thread - I just bought a thumbscrew at a local hardware store
and ground the grip end of it down a bit to clear the camera when
mounted.)  I'm sure the official Rollei item would be more elegant, but I
have less than ten bucks (and a few hours time) invested in mine, and it
lets me put whatever flash I want on the end of the bar (assuming I can
hold it.)  It is a pretty simple project if you have any access to simple
grinding tools.

If you don't have, or don't want to mess with, grinding tools, the slot in
the front of the grip that the bar fits into is about 3/4 inch wide, so if
you started with a 3/4 inch wide aluminum bar you could probably make your
own bracket with nothing more than a couple of drill bits (and perhaps a
small tap, if you wanted to screw a flash shoe on from the top -
alternatively you could get one of the little flash shoes that have a 1/4
inch tripod thread in the bottom and attach it with a bolt through from the
bottom of the bracket.)

It's not the most handy setup, although I admit that I use mine with a
prism which adds a bit of extra weight.  But when you want a large negative
and need flash it's a pretty simple way to get there (and cheap since you
already have the camera and grip.)

Hope this helps.


"Stephen J. Dunn" wrote:

> Hi all,
>     Last week I went out with my 3.5E equipped with a Rolleimeter and
> Pistol Grip.  Great set-up for the informal shots where eye level POV
> isn't a problem and quick focusing is a plus.  IAE, I ran across a shot
> of some great flowers that would've been super with the Rolleinar.
> Slight fill flash was needed, however.  What did the Rollei flash
> attachment look like that was designed to set onto the large screw on
> the front of the grip?  Did it have a cold shoe or was it strictly
> designed to mount one of the older bulb flashes?  Anyone ever used one?
> Regards
> Steve