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Re: [Rollei] Rolleinar 8/500 provenience

     I have a Tokina 500mm in K mount I bought new
about 7 years ago. The package it came in included a
skylight and two neutral density filters. They suggest
(no, insist!) that one use one of the filters in the
light path at all times. According to their literature
the lens was formulated with these filters as part of
the lens formula. Why they didn't formulate a clear
filter for use is way beyond me. Seems to me someone
did just that a number of years ago, bucking the trend
of including a skylight filter that all makers seem to
have opted for over the years.

from Deepinaharta, Georgia

- --- Jan Böttcher <jab   wrote:
> My Rolleinar 8/500 looks like a perfect klone to the
> lenses
> available in Tokina livery with Minolta, Nikon,
> Penatx K and ... mount.
> I'll check someday, if they included a skylight or a
> clear UV filter (or both?).
> Jan
> > My guess from looking at one is that it came from
> Yashica, since
> > it appears to be identical to the Yashica 500mm
> f/8 mirror.
> >
> > Bob
> >
> > >The 500 mm lens is made in Japan - by Tokina ? -
> > >
> > >Dirk

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