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RE: [Rollei] Rollei 2.8B

At 08:36 AM 5/31/2000 -0700, Kotsinadelis, Peter (Peter) wrote:
>Perhaps I should have said it was the only model to use
>a newly designed lens from Zeiss Jena (allegedly a recomputed Planar) and
>the first to use Bay 3.  

A rather minor quibble.  In 1935, Alexander Smakula perfected modern
lens-coatings while at Jena.  (Yes, yes, Kodak, Wollensak, and Ross were
all completing similar research at the same time, and all were marketing
coated lenses before the Second War broke out, but that's a different topic
for a different thread!)  The Chief of Optical Design at Jena was Ernst
Wandersleb, who became curious as to whether the symmetrical six-element
Planar of 1896 -- a wonderful lens much restricted in its applications by
flare -- could be optimized with these new-fangled lens coatings, so he
turned the project over to his assistant, Hans Sauer.  By 1938, Sauer had
developed the five-element Planar design, though it did not enter
production until after the War.

The litigation between the two Zeiss entities granted the design rights to
both but gave the Planar trademark to Oberkochen.  Hence, Jena and
Oberkochen produced the identical lens with different names, Biometar for
Jena and Planar for Oberkochen.  And Jena was quicker to get the design
into production.  Hence the use of the Biometar on the 2.8B.  (When the
2.8A was designed in 1948, F&H contacted Oberkochen for a supply of 2.8/8cm
Tessars for the new camera, and Oberkochen filled the order with lenses
supplied by Jena.  Things were not nearly so cordial five years later, when
the 2.8B was in the works, and Oberkochen had a cow trying to prevent F&H
from using the Jena Biometar but had to put up with a small run, as they
did not yet have the Planar in production.)

The one failing of Prochnow is to tell all when confronted with the
realities of Oberkochen and Jena rivalries:  he does not even admit that
the first run of 2.8A's had Jena lenses.


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