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Re: [Rollei] Trichoidal Apertures on QBM Lenses

I don't know about the QBM lenses but I can state authoritatively (I am
looking at my "Lens made in West Germany" Planar 1.4/85 in Contax RTS mount
lens (SN 6853547) as I type.)  that the Contax RTS version of the 1.4/85
Planar has an 8 bladed iris which forms a roughly circular aperture.  I
don't have the 1.4/35 so I can't comment on that design.

Best Regards,

David Seifert

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Subject: [Rollei] Trichoidal Apertures on QBM Lenses

> So, from the answers garnered, it seems that those on the List have
> nine-bladed irises on their 1.4/35 Distagon and 1.4/85 Planar QBM lenses
> which form an aperture roughly three-sided in shape.  I suspect this is
> identical to the arrangement on the Contax RTS variants of these opticks.
> Thanks!
> Marc
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