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Re: [Rollei] Rolleinar 8/500

At 00:03 31.05.00 +0200, you wrote:
>they include grey filters, since they did not include an adjustable diaphragm!
>For convenience they added a clear filter,

Unfortunately it is not a clear filter, it is a skylight filter. And such a 
filter is red! Any skylight filter is changing the colour balance of a lens 
to red. Too bad.

>so you don't have to turn the
>focus ring after dismounting the lens, changing filters and remounting the 
>With the 5.6/1000 Mirotar, you'll just have to turn a knob to change filters,
>and with the 3.5/15 and 2.8/16 you just turn a ring, but at least a clear 
>included in the optical calculation will always be in the way of the light.
>Leica does include a clear UV filter with all their long lenses (2/180, 
>2.8/280, ...)
>with filter tray as well.
>Not to mention Minolta's RF 5.6/250 or the Russian 3.5/30 MF Fisheye ...
>calciua   schrieb:
> > As soon as my 500mm lens arrives, I will check for filters and if they are
> > present I will check the hypothesis. In this age of coatings and such, I
> > wonder what made the Rollei engineers make a lens that requires a filter.
> > Could the design be an inheritance from the Zeiss inventory like much of
> > the 35mm stuff?
> > Andrei D. Calciu