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[Rollei] Friday for Sale - Sinar, Rollei, Sekonic

Here are the items listed here first prior to going elsewhere:

1.  Sinar F1 kit in super clean MINT-  condition, - F1, 6' extension rod
with end caps, standard bellows, 210f5.6 Rodenstock Siranor-S lens in Sinar
board with both caps, and Sinar case with a key to put them all in.
$1875.00 - Pictures upon request.

2. Zero Halliburton Roller ROLLEI case like NEW , never been used ( I did
put Rolleis in it for sizing purposes).  Comes with uncut dividers for you
to partion it anywhich way you wish or you can use foam(not included).  Last
one on similar condition went for $385 on ebay.  $345.00 - Picture upon

3. Rollei 70mm back for SLX - 6000 series, including the vacuum pump, boxed
MINT.  B&H lists a new one for   $3301.95.  My price is $925.00.  - Picture
upon request.

4. Sekonic Multimaster L-408 MINT.  It was purchased a year ago new as a
backup to my Minolta. Have the case, box, instructions.  $276.00

Shipping is actual cost based on your zipcode.  Contact me via e-mail if