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[Rollei] Rollei SL2000 charger

The rapid charger I ordered came today. It is in good condition but missing the power cord (of course). It is marked as:

Charger L for SL2000

and has an input for AC on one end, a voltage selector (100/115/117/127/200/220/240volts) on the bottom and an input for 12volts dc on the other end marked 12v=/14h. 

On the top is the bay for mounting the battery pack and 2 lights. One green and the other's colored lens is missing.

Questions are:

Is this a proper charger for a 3003 nc pack, or the AA pack with off the shelf NiCads (I think I asked this before but never hurts to be sure). 

Is the 12v input capable of handling 12v from a car cigarette lighter adapter?

What do the lights mean? I would assume that the green indicates charging is complete. And if the other lamp (missing a lens) was red it would indicate charging.

Does the 12v=/14h indicate that 14 hours is required for a full charge when using the 12v input?

Does anyone have any general guidelines for usage if this thing?

I know there is not a whole lot to these things but I would rather ask some dumb questions at the start and aviod trashing the charger and/or a battery pack.