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Hello all,

I joined this list about a week ago - I'm no expert on Rollei cameras as
you will soon discover... maybe you guys can help me out (or at least find
this amusing)...

This past September I purchased a Rolleicord.  I knew very little about
TLRs at the time.  I bought the camera assuming I would be getting 12
square-format  exposures.  To my surprise, I discovered during film
processing that my images were rectangular!!  Needless to say, heads and
feet and other important elements were missing from my negatives.  I took
the camera back to the shop and they explained things to me (sort of).
They offered to let me exchange it for a Yashica, but I said no thanks.
The salesman told me that ALL Rolleicords were this 16-exposure format ?!
(So why is the viewer square?).  He also said I would have to buy a
Rolleiflex to get 2 1/4 X 2 1/4 negatives...  this isn't true, is it?

I thought I was being very clever when I decided to remove the two metal
attachments blocking the upper and lower parts of the frame inside the
camera,  presto-change-o...  However, I neglected to consider the fact that
the film would be advancing at the wrong interval with the 16-exposure
dial....  Now what do I do?  Can I get a 12-exp dial??? Where?

I love this camera - the prints were beautiful despite being strangely
cropped.  The parts I removed looked like they had been added to the
camera, they appear to have been glued in and came out easily - hope I
haven't ruined it.

I'd appreciate any advice you might have.