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Re: Serial Numbers

At 01:42 30.12.1996 -0800, Godfrey DiGiorgi wrote:
>is 39 4311 00. Now where did I read that this was where the serial number=
>ought to be? Either Prochnow's "Rollei 35 Anniversary" or Arthur Evans=20
>"Collectors Guide" ... can't remember. I've hunted all over the internal=20

- - Evans writes "Collectors Guide to Rollei Cameras", page 201: "(Rollei 35
S) Serial Numbers, under takeup spool".

- - Prochnow writes "Rollei Mini Report 3", page 17: "(Rollei 35 S)
Kameranummer: Auf der R=FCckseite (=3D camera number: on the back)".

It seem that both of them are right. ;)

>Another oddity: both my 35S have lens serial numbers but no body serial=20
>numbers. In a complementary fashion, both my Rollei 35 Classics have body
>serial numbers printed on the back of the top cover but no lens serial=20
>numbers! Consistent, these Deutscher, eh? :)

My Rollei 35 S (black) has the serial number (6,517,xxx) on the back of the
top cover and it's in the range 6,500,000 to 6,799,999. :)

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