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Re: Serial Numbers

>I've looked for a body number, but the only number I found looked like a
>part number behind the take-up spool.
>If you know where I can locate a body number, let me know.
>Info to Marc: the only number behind the take-up spool on my Rollei 35S was
>#38.4311 00.

Curious. This seems correct, except that the number in both of my 35S 
is 39 4311 00. Now where did I read that this was where the serial number 
ought to be? Either Prochnow's "Rollei 35 Anniversary" or Arthur Evans 
"Collectors Guide" ... can't remember. I've hunted all over the internal 
external surfaces of both cameras with an illuminated loupe and can find 
numbers of any kind other than the serial number on the lens bezel.

Another oddity: both my 35S have lens serial numbers but no body serial 
numbers. In a complementary fashion, both my Rollei 35 Classics have body
serial numbers printed on the back of the top cover but no lens serial 
numbers! Consistent, these Deutscher, eh? :)

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