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Re: Rollei 35's

>I am very interested in views on the comparative merits of the 35T, vs older
>35 with tessar vs. Xenar by Schneider vs. Sonnar in terms of use(ie:
>photographic output) and value.....

I've had 35T (Tessar) and 35S, 35 Classic models with the Sonnar. The 
lens is a bit sharper all over and has more even illumination across the 
field. By f/5.6-f/8, it's nearly impossible to see any difference between
the Sonnar and Tessar. The 35 Classic' Sonnar is just a smidge sharper 
than either of my 35S' Sonnars; that lens is as sharp as any lens I've
used, Leica and Nikon lenses included.

I was recently talking to another list member about edge-center sharpness 
wide open to f/11 and did some lens tests with the S and Classic. Both 
very good performance, particularly from f/4 onwards, both at the edges 
and in the 

I didn't even know that any of the cameras had a Schneider Xenar lens 
recently, now I've seen two of them. No idea what that lens performs like,
but I suspect it would be nearly identical to the Tessar as the design is
almost identical. Some people have expressed the opinion that the early, 
German-made f/3.5 Tessar is slightly better than the Singapore Tessar but
I've never seen any evidence that was conclusive on this issue.

"Photographic use and value"? All Rollei 35s are capable of taking 
pictures. An excellent buy would be a mint 35S. My black one cost me $325 
with case, cap, strap and filter in mint condition a couple of years ago. 
I've seen good, clean 35Ts for as little as $225 recently. That's a very 
good value and a fine photographic instrument.

>Also interested in various Rollei flashes designed for the 35's..?

The 35 Classic is the easiest one to use a flash with due to the fact that
the flash shoe is on the top. The Rollei 20REB flash that comes with
the Classic Platinum (ISO 100 Guide Number: 64) is a nice size and weight
to use with the camera and puts out plenty of light for my needs. 

The 35S and 35T are a bit of a pain to use a flash with because of the 
hot shoe being on the bottom of the camera. I find they work best with 
a flash in this size class for doing vertically oriented pictures, as you
really ought to hold the camera upside down for horizontals which is 

I have a small, old Honeywell Autostrobonar 110A (same output as the 
Rollei 20REB) which I bought at a flea market for a dollar. It also
works quite well. 

The Rollei flash (E16? I'm guessing) from when the Rollei 35 was new 
was about the same, but I don't think it was automatic. It shouldn't 
matter much which flash you use, just find something small and