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Rollei 35S body number and request for info

Info to Marc: the only number behind the take-up spool on my Rollei 35S was
#38.4311 00.

Now I would like someone's help in solving my dilemna:

While using the Rolleiflex 12/24 model, when you load with 220 film; is the
12/24 knob with numbers on it supposed to be positioned with the 12 in the
up position or the 24 in the up position. Then after the twelfth exposure,
do you depress the lever and turn the 12/24 knob and release the shutter
again. Haven't used it in so long and don't have the instruction book
anymore, I think I wasted twelve shots due to my own stupidity cause the
film counter never reset itself to 1.
Or better yet, can anyone photocopy just the instructions for the 12/24
dial on a Type 4 Rolleiflex and mail me the copies. I will be glad to
reimburse for copy costs and mailing.

P.O. Box 41934
Sacramento, CA 95841-0934