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At 03:36 PM 12/26/96 -0500, you wrote:
>At 10:29 AM 12/26/96 -0800, Frank Filippone wrote:
>>All I ask in return is a listing of S/N versus production dates of the
>>My theory, for about 20 years now, is that Zeiss made optical head
>>assemblies in production lot quantities and then married them to specific
>>real production orders by order.
>>The point is production date for the glass is probably not the production
>>date for the mounted lens....
>Well, no, though this may have occurred on small runs.  Normally, Zeiss
>produces lenses in lots and then sells the lenses immediately to the
>ultimate user, who may well take forever to market the lens.  But Zeiss has
>not warehoused lenses in this manner on a large scale since they left Jena
>in '45.  They let Hasselblad or Yashica or Rollei do so.
>A chart of lens s/n versus production dates has been developed, with factory
>assistance, but this is copyrighted and I'm not at liberty to share it.  But
>it will be out within the year in the Hove HASSELBLAD COMPENDIUM.  Rick
>Nordin kindly sent me a proof copy which impresses me deeply.  This will be
>a REAL contribution to the field!
>Now, if I can find the time, maybe I'll do THE ROLLEI COMPENDIUM.
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  Hi Marc, Do you want serial numbers for Zeiss stuff even when the date of
manufacture is unknown?  I have some Zeiss lenses and other items, all quite
old and bought used.  You are welcome to the numbers if you want them.
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Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles,Ca.