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Guys, I'd like your Zeiss serial numbers.  For Rollei TLR's with Zeiss
lenses, I'd like the body type and number, the viewing lens type and number,
and the taking lens type and number and, where it can be identified on
earlier models, the shutter type and number.

On all other serial-numbered Zeiss equipment, I'd like the item or lens type
and serial number.

Bless you, my friends!  This is for the Zeiss Historica Data Base.  I was
accruing numbers for Club Rollei as well but, now that Prochnow is out, I
don't believe they are still collecting them, so we can desist on this.

And a happy New Year to all!


Marc James Small  FAX:  +540/343-7315
Thalla, a Bhallagair!