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At 11:51 AM 12/24/96 -0500, John Drendel wrote:

>Be not too dismayed by the Christmas giving and receiving; gift exchange is
one of the >more ancient customs bequeathed to us by our Germanic ancestors 

Ah, a presumption that I have Germanic forebears!  But actually I do (Kinzey
and Minnear, Rhine Germans) along with my Scots (Small, Duncan, Fraser,
Rodgers), Irish (Riley) and Welsh (surname unknown -- died in childbirth and
spoke no English, so we only know my great-great grandmother came from the
South of the Land of the Red Dragon) blood.

Truly, we in the Americas are all an immigrant saga.

In any event, my family has been accused of having the social graces of the
barbarian, so I guess we live up to our genes!


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