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Rollei TLR FS

After two weeks of advertising my gear in the local newspaper I will repeat the 
offer again to this list:

Rolleiflex 2.8 E PACKAGE:
 camera with built-in meter, Beattie screen with gridlines (original screen now 
in Beattie box)
brown Rollei case and strap,
mirrored caps;
this camera was CLA'd in 1990 in NJ and I have since run about 25 films through 
it with excellent results (mostly color slides). 
PRICE: US $ 650.00 + shipping

Rolleiflex Prism for F-type cameras 
with brown case
PRICE US $ 175.00 + shipping

Rolleifix tripod quick release:  US $ 35.00
Rollei Bay III green filter, chrome rim w/case  US $25.00
Bay III B&W Orange filter with black rim & plastic case (new price $55.00, never
used): US$ 35.00
Bay III lens hood: SOLD
black strap: SOLD

I will also consider trade for Rollei SL66 accessories such as: Sonnar 
5.6/250mm, 5.6/500 Tele Tessar, exposure meter hood, strap, filters etc.



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