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Re: Rolleimatic

>I've been curious about the short-lived Rolleimatic, the scale focus 35mm
>automatic with that peculiar swinging flap lens cover/film advance. I know
>that it had the misfortune of making its debut just prior to the demise of
>the Rollei Singapore plant, and I've read the page in Art Evans book on the
>Wasn't this the last Heinz Waaske design for Rollei? How well did they
>perform? Are they reliable? Does Marflex still service them? What sort of
>battery did they take? I've found one on the used market and am considering
>it as a slightly more automated companion to my 35SE.

The camera is very problem plagued as it was made not just prior to the
demise of Rollei Singapore. It was made prior to the bankruptcy of the
parent company, Rollei Werke in Germany and prior to the establishment of
the current company Rollei fototechnic.

The cvamera can not be repaired by Marflex, the factory or anywhere else
unless there are scavenged parts available which is not likely.

I have been trying to get mine repaired for 4 years and have had no luck.
Even after leaving it with the Rollei Export Manager who took it to other
countries to try and fix it.