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RE: rollei List Digest V1 #210 (Rollei P350 projector)

Alasdair Hayden-Wright  wrote...

>My disenchantment is mainly due to what happens when the drive-belt =
>snaps.  The slide changing arm typically stops halfway out.  It's worked =
>by a cam, so you can't get it further out to release the magazine, and =
>you can't get it back in again.  Which is what you need to do to get the =
>lid off, due to sheer stupid design.

I have a P350A from 1976, and it have served me well. I think the design is
improved a little. The top cover is held by one screw on the top, and it can
be loosened with a coin. The only problem I have had, was to re-solder the
cable for the remote control.

Torbjorn Aase

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