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Re: tele-Rollei for sale

Hey man, you only go round once, and you only regret what didn't 
happen. You would be the coolest, hippest and raddest dude sporting 
that honkin' glassed Rollei. Or as Data would say, the most fortunate 
sentient in this sector. And hey, it's christmas time! Isn't it about 
time you bought something for your SELF for a change? I've had camera 
lust, sure, we all have. We know what it's like. You finally get up the 
nerve to go and plunk down the moolah, your head is spinning, your 
endorphins are boiling, the girlfriend has never looked so good, and then 
you have it, it's all yours, this is more than you'd ever imagined, more 
than was ever meant for anyone anywhere to ever be . . .

      Well anyways, just buy the damn thing and tell us what you do 
with it. I don't know why I come out so strongly in favor of this, 
it's nothing to me really.

                                                    rick dickulous

Give up the Ground and Embrace the Void.