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Coatings & Refurbishment Project

My understanding of coatings is that they affect both contrast and
resolution and are an integral part of the lens design, not an afterthought.
With that understanding in mind, however, I am still curious . . . has
anyone ever coated or multi-coated a Triotar, and, if so, what was the
impact upon performance?  Anybody know where this can be done?

Also, I'm refurbishing the Rolleicord II, type 5 I have.  I need a source
for either re-silvering the original mirror or to purchase a replacement
mirror.  I would hate to have to send it off for such a small repair.

One last item.  If I were to replace the (dim, dim, dim) orginal screen with
a later Rollei-clear screen of the sort used in the "T", would I then be
required to recollimate (sp?) the focusing system because of the difference
in the thickness of the two screens?  And is that a home project, or would
it require a trip to Oceanside or N.J.?