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Re: 3 Questions: Rolleicord, Prego

Tom, I also have an old Rolliecord 3.5 Xenar. I find it very dependable 
and much lighter to pack around than my Pentax 67. I have a Rollei 35 3.5 
Tessar and find it an excellent lens but agree that the camera is a bit 
slow to use due to the collapsing lens and the light meter. Good opotics 
on both these Rolleis though. I have a number of 35's and prefer to use a 
Nikon Lite touch 28mm point & shoot for all the family and holiday shots. 
I can get excellent 8X10 color and b&w from it as well as good 11X14's 
now and then. Other good 35 rf cameras are the Canonet series, Konica 35s 
and almost anything made by Olympus. The older cameras used mercury 
batteries but most have a true manual mode too. I picked up a lifetime 
supply of mercuries in U.K. last summer for 65p each at Jessops. 
Bill Lawlor