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I've been having so much fun making pictures with my 2.8F of late that a
recent brushing against against a Tele-Rolleiflex has sent me into
uncontrolled camera lust. I thought I was immune to this behaviour and
considered myself somewhat jaded when it came to equipment.
        Trouble is, I know next to nothing about these beauties. Whilst
scanning an old copy of Shutterbug I found mention of 3 different types
with pricing that was, frankly, all over the place.
        Would anyone know the differences between the models and have any
tips as to appropriate pricing?
        I would also appreciate hearing from anyone who actually owns one
and who would care to share their experiences from a USER's point of view.
        I was also told by an acquaintance that one should be aware that
many Tele-Rolleiflexes are in fact converted from later model 2.8s. Anyone
else heard this?
        Questions that spring to mind are:
- - Any reasons for avoiding them?
- - Closest focusing distance?
- - Lens any good? (Is it essentially the same 150mm Sonnar as is on my 'blad?)
- - Any recent developments in the world of medicine that might benefit
someone stricken with old camera lust?
- - Good yarns to spin on the wife/bank manager/studio manager that would
help justify adding "another creaky old camera" to the inventory?
Many thanks,
(Thank God Rollei-wides are worth more than their weight in Cocaine.)