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Re: SL 66 Screen & Lightmeter Repair

I'm only able to answer your second question, but the Metraphot lightmeter
might be the same as my Metrastar. They're both built by Metrawatt AG. On
the underside, do you have an aluminum plate with one large screw head
attached? If so, you loosen the screw enough to move the plate away
revealing a battery compartment. The battery requirement is for a PX13
mercuric oxide to work properly. On the left side there's a switch. The
green dot is for taking light readings, the red dot is for battery test.
Tell me if you have all this along with a round dial on top and a square
viewfinder to sight your readings and I'll send you a photocopy of my
manual. Just e-mail your address.


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> From: Jan Decher <dech0001  >
> To: rollei  us
> Subject: SL 66 Screen & Lightmeter Repair 
> Date: Friday, December 13, 1996 1:37 PM
> I have 2 questions:
> 1. Which brighter screen would people on this list recommend (with grid
> Beattie or new Rollei 6000 screen (if it fits?)?   Where can I get the
> 2. With the SL 66 I got a Metraphot lightmeter (manufacturued by
Metrawatt AG 
> Nueremberg) that has a very suitable square viewfinder.  But it seems to
> malfunctioning.  Does anyone know this lightmeter?  Is there a place that

> repairs older meters?
> Jan


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