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Re: SL 66 Screen

Thanks, Bob,

So what do you recommend, I do?  I sort of liked the Beattie screen in my 2.8 E 
which I am about to sell.  Should I bring my SL66 to Marflex the next time I am 
in New Jersey? Or some other repair place?  Will they have the brighter screens 
in stock and what total costs (replacement & focus adjustment) are we looking 


> This question is not as simple as you might think.
> When Rollei came out with their Bright screen in the mid 80's they needed
> to reset the screen position on the camera due to the new screen design.
> This means that screens made since then when used on older models of the
> SL66 and 6000/SLX cameras require a focus adjustment to prevent a focus
> shift when the camera is inclined.
> If your camera is older than the mid 80's (which it must be or you would
> not be looking for a brighter screen) you will need a focus adjustment from
> a service station for the newer Rollei screens. If you are using a third
> party screen you need to find out if they made it based on the old screen
> positioning or the current screen position. We have experienced some severe
> problems with 3rd party screens and focus shifts on some cameras. the shift
> occurs only with the camera inclined up or down.
> Bob