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2 bath developer?


For years I've sworn by Ilford's XP2; from 35mm up to 8x10, it has been
virtually the only black and white film I've used recently. I especially
like the long tonal scale, with fine shadow detail and highlights that
refuse to block up, the grainless appearance at ISO 80-125, and the idiot
proof C-41 development that removes a raft of variables involved in
conventional black and white films.

But now that I'm using my Rollei 35 more I would like to try the slower
speed Agfapan 25 and Ilford Pan F Plus films. My past experience with these
films haven't been altogether positive. The contrast range I've gotten from
Pan F (souped in ID-11, also HC-110, dil. B) have been unprintable more
than once. Certainly not what I'm used to with XP2.

The darkroom I use is fairly state-of-the-art, equipment wise.
Unfortunately it is located in an 'Eisenhower modern' building with
overtaxed and outdated water and ventilation systems. Even with chillers
and tempering devices on our water lines, maintaining consistent 68 to 72
degree temperatures can be an act in futility.

At Photokina a new Paterson black and white two-bath developer was
announced. This developer is supposed to be very flexible in that it can be
used at any temperature from 65 to 85 degrees at a single fixed development
time; differing types of black and white films can be processed in the same
tank. It is reported to have a very long tonal scale and fine grain.

This developer formula, or one very similar, has been around for years.
Does anyone know off hand what it is called or have any experience with it?
Any other suggestions? Comments? Thanks.