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Marc et al.:

I just purchased an old (60's) SL66 with a Zeiss Planar 2.8/80mm of the old type
in Germany.  Let me know if you (Marc) can use lens and/or body numbers.  Is 
this lens also "a little on the soft side" compared to the later HFT Planars? 
- ----------
Also I am in the market for the following SL 66 items (NEW or USED) as follows:

 - SL 66 lens hood for 80mm lens
 - Strap
 - lens cap for 80mm
 - Bay VI filters (orange, blue, green, Pol)
 - metering prism  (was this ever any good?)
 - Rollei to standard PC flash cable (my Metz cables don't work right)
 - Distagon 50mm with hood
 - Sonnar 250 mm
 - Novoflex 5.6/400 mm rapid focus for SL 66 
Also, is there a new brighter screen (with architecture grid) available that 
fits the old SL66?
- ----------
I CAN OFFER to this list (preferably EXCHANGE/TRADE for above items) before I 
post these in my local newspaper:

- - Rollei TLR 2.8 E (Planar), with meter, serviced in 1990
- - brown Rollei case for 2.8 E
- - 2 Rollei TLR straps (black and brown)
- - Bay III lens hood
- - Bay III B&W orange (new) & Rollei green filter 
- - Rollei TLR Prism (for F's)
- - Rollei TLR Quick release plate
- - Bay III close up set 2

Send offers to my personal e-mail (not to entire list): dech0001  


Jan Decher, Ph.D, Research Associate
J. F. Bell Museum of Natural History * University of Minnesota
100 Ecology Building * St. Paul, Minnesota 55108 - USA
Tel: 612-646-4574 * e-mail: dech0001