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Digest form? (More-or-less off topic)

In article <9612062207.AC06367  , Willem-Jan Markerink
<w.j.markerink   writes
>for me 
>the Nikon and Medium Format digest are a major PITA. Everything is 
>less efficient: 
>- reading (can't delete on subject, you have to scroll down, trying to 
>remember where the message approximately was)
>- storing (for one single message you have to store dozens)

To get round this I now reply to the individual bits I find interesting
quoting that part only, but give it an appropriate subject and then
change the address to my own. In effect I'm mailing the relevant section
to myself. When I receive it, I can then file it... Sounds long-winded,
but it saves me having to look through a whole digest to find the
paragraph I want and only takes a few seconds. High-tech, eh?
- -- 
Joe B.